Does Hail Damage Repair Increase Insurance Premiums?

Does Hail Damage Repair Increase Insurance Premiums?

If you leave your car parked outside, hailstorms are a serious threat to your vehicle. They can cause a lot of damage that will need to be repaired if you want to avoid buying a brand new vehicle.

However, the question remains—is going in for hail damage repair going to cost me a fortune? And more importantly, will it increase my insurance premium? 

We’ve got you covered. If you want to know what to expect after your car experiences hail damage, this guide will explain your most pressing questions.

Before you concern yourself with taking your car in for repairs, it’s important to know how you can spot hail damage on your vehicle. Fortunately, there are a few key signs that show your car was hit by hail.

Hailstorms have been known to leave dents in the sides and roof of your vehicle as well as chip your car’s paint job. The size and severity of the dents will depend on the size of the hail, as well as the wind speed and the duration of the storm.

Larger sized hail can also crack or shatter the glass on your car. Pay attention to your windshield and take note of any cracks, webs, or holes in the glass after a storm. Your side mirrors and other windows may also be affected, so keep an eye out!

If you want to avoid costly repairs to your vehicle after a hailstorm, one option you have is to contact your insurance agency directly and file a claim. Many insurance companies provide hailstorm coverage and will pay you to get your car repaired at a repair shop.

Unfortunately, going through your insurance can cause your insurance rates to increase. This isn’t always the case, so have a detailed talk with your insurance providers about their coverage and how your rates could change if you file a claim. You are less likely to have a rise in your rates if there is minimal damage, so call your insurance providers if you have any questions.

However, if you do not have comprehensive coverage, you may not have coverage against hailstorms. In this situation, filing a claim for damages will not help you.

So you’ve noticed your car has taken on hail damage, but you aren’t confident about dealing with your insurance company and don’t want your rates to increase. What do you do now? Where can you take your vehicle for auto hail damage repair without spending a fortune on fixes?

Ex-Hail Auto Hail Repair offers free auto hail damage repair up to $1000. We can help you talk with your insurance company and ensure you will be approved for your claim.

There is no guarantee that your insurance rates will not rise if you decide to have it repaired. If this is a concern for you, factor in the age and value of your vehicle alongside the cost of repairs; in the end, you may just want to purchase a new car entirely.

Now that you know where to take your vehicle when the worst happens, it’s time to learn how to prevent hail damage from happening again. Here are some tips you can use to keep your vehicle out of harm’s way.

Pay Attention to Storm Warnings

The most important step you’ll need to take to protect your vehicle is to watch for weather alerts. Keep an eye on your area’s weather channel for alerts when the weather looks grim, so you know when to hide your car.

Move It Somewhere Safe

Of course, the best place you can move your vehicle during a hailstorm is into a garage or under an awning. However, this is not always possible. If you don’t own a garage or a similar storage location for your vehicle, where can you move your car?

To get the most protection, move your vehicle along the side of a building that can block the wind from your car. This will prevent a majority of the damage that could be done to your car, though it won’t protect it entirely.

Cover Your Vehicle

For further protection, car covers can be used to prevent additional damage to your vehicle. These covers are usually made of a thicker, protective material to prevent hail from denting your vehicle or breaking your windows.

If you don’t have a car cover and know that a storm is coming, you can use several sheets or blankets as a makeshift cover instead. While it will not provide the same amount of protection, it can still help to minimize the damage done to your car.

Sometimes, a storm can hit while you’re driving and you’re left completely unprepared. The first step is to pull over to the side of the road and put on your hazard lights until the storm passes.

To protect your vehicle, you can remove the mats inside of your car and put them over vulnerable areas, such as your windshield and the roof of your car. This will help keep you and your car safer during the storm.

Protecting your car and preventing hail damage in the first place is important, but if you’re caught off guard by a hailstorm, there are options for you. Don’t be afraid to have hail damage repair done so you can get back on the road today!

Has your vehicle been affected by hail? Do you need damage repair done?

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