How to file a claim for auto hail damage on your car, truck, or SUV

Auto Hail Repair Process

Weather is a fickle thing and very unpredictable. Severe rain, wind or storms can wreak havoc on personal belongings like property or vehicles. During such severe weather conditions, vehicles may take a beating due to hail damage. While vehicle owners must get the car restored, it is better to properly understand how to file a claim for auto hail damage on their car, truck, or SUV.

But before that, we suggest that you look through your insurance papers to know what extent of the damage has coverage. For instance, many of our customers have comprehensive coverage, which also takes care of interior damage to the vehicles.

On the other hand, most insurers don’t pay for the damage if you have liability-only coverage. It only protects you if you cause harm to others while using the vehicle. Hail and storm damage are considered “acts of nature,” covered under comprehensive coverage.

Either way, hail can cause unsightly dents across the entire vehicle. If the insurance policy covers hail damage, file the claim as soon as possible to reap greater benefits.

Some companies may deter policy purchasers from taking hail damage car insurance coverage if they are buying insurance just before the start of inclement weather. They may put a hold on comprehensive coverage before, say, hurricane season; you have not taken the policy, and hail happens. Then, you are liable to pay for the physical damage to the vehicle.

Even if you have coverage, there are other things to understand before learning how to file a claim for auto hail damage, including:


Like any standard insurance claim, hail damage to vehicles also has deductibles. The amount is set at the time of purchase of your car, SUV or truck insurance. However, zero deductible is also allowed for an additional cost to be paid during the policy’s acquisition. But sometimes, the car repair costs may exceed this value.

Auto hail damage repair costs depend on the extent of how much the vehicle got pummeled. Simply put, it is possible that a vehicle can get totaled, and the damage can be extensive. Although the hail damage vehicle repair costs may be high for certain types of damage, it is not something we recommend to ignore.

You may live with the dents that are just cosmetic and think of them as accentuating dimples, but the vehicle itself may lose out on resale value. You already incur depreciation every year; so, getting hail damage repaired can be an excellent way to protect your assets.

In any case, it is not feasible to contemplate how to file a claim for auto hail damage. Delaying the claim process will only slow down things more, as your vehicle may not be the only one damaged.

Auto hail damage process

Most insurance companies only get involved after the repairs are finished. Meanwhile, you can refer to the policy documents to understand how to file a claim for auto hail damage. Some insurers may remove the deductible and send a check for the estimated repair cost.

Your insurance adjuster and an auto body shop will get an estimate during the vehicle insurance claim process. Your insurance adjuster will determine if it is worth fixing or not.

It can happen when the repair estimate costs exceed the vehicle’s depreciation value. The company may then cut you a check worth the vehicle’s actual cash value, which can help you purchase a replacement vehicle.

Contact the insurer: Don’t wait to contact your insurance company. We have seen vehicle owners who would not know when to call the insurance company representative in our experience. Giving them the exact details of what happened can present a clear picture, which helps them determine the damage’s extent.

Understand the terms: We are surprised to know that some people do not get their vehicles repaired, as they may have to pay a deductible from their pockets. Luckily, we have a free auto repair offer for eligible situations.

Meet the insurance adjustor: Work with your insurance adjuster and the body shop technicians. Be present when the adjuster comes around to help speed up the claim process.

Find a trustworthy auto body shop: Skimping out on repair costs or scouring for the lowest estimates can backfire when you see the outcome. At Ex-Hail Auto Hail Repair, we use the highest standards when it comes to getting your vehicle back to its original state.

With us, you get:

  • Turnkey packages including glass replacement, detailing, paintless dent repair and more
  • Restoration of corrosion protection materials, under panel adhesives, etc.
  • Free vehicle pickup, delivery and car rental
  • Exceptional service with quick repair times
  • Access to top insurance companies in the country
  • Zero-cost auto hail damage repair to your satisfaction

Typically, there are two ways to repair auto hail damage:

Conventional method

It is best suited for exterior damages to the vehicle. Fishing these involves pulling out the deep dents, repairing irregularities in the body filler, etc. But it takes a longer time since the repairable area gets primed first.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

PDR requires special molded tools to push out dents from the underside of the car, truck or SUV panels. As we smooth the dents, the paint surface remains intact; so, there will be no paint mismatches. PDR is less expensive, time-saving and insurance-approved.

It is ideal for small and medium-size dents from hail damage, dings, creases and other repairs. When we finish the job, the repair is practically invisible. It is an eco-friendly technique, as it eliminates paints and solvents.

Contact Ex-Hail Auto Hail Repair for dependable vehicle restoration. We provide paintless dent repair for excess hail damage and deliver the utmost commitment to our customers’ needs. We also assist you on how to file a claim for auto hail damage. Give us a call to get a free repair without delay!